Episode 16 – Where can you fly?

One of the most common questions Steve is asked when people find out he is a private pilot is “Where can you fly?”

In this episode of the Ready for Departure podcast, Steve attempts to answer this question, which is not quite as straightforward as you might think. Steve attempts to dissect the complexities involved in planning a trip to a new airfield, such as flying through controlled airspace, flying somewhere new for the first time, how it all works in practice and even how long is comfortable to fly before a break!

Join Steve as he talks about where he has already flown this qualifying for his private pilot’s licence and where he plans to fly in the future. If you’ve always wondered where you can fly on a UK NPPL or EASA PPL licence, have a listen in to this episode of the podcast and you might find some inspiration for flights of your own.

Struggling with your training? Wondering if all the effort and expense is worth it? Steve explains what you’ll be able to do with your licence once you’ve qualified – definitely worth keeping the training going!

Episode 15 – Learning around The Liverpool Loop

Steve discusses his latest flight, one he dubs The Liverpool Loop, since it involves a flight which starts and ends at City Airport Manchester (Barton) but follows the edge of Liverpool’s controlled airspace in a loop. The journey touches on the tip of North Wales and Steve even managed to negotiate a zone transit over the Airbus facility at Harwarden, where the Beluga Super Transporter is based.

Steve also talks about his recent learning points from flights he has taken since the last episode of the Ready for Departure Podcast aired, including a fairly significant safety omission from the start of one of his flights.

Listen in as Steve discusses problems with ipads, last minute changes to plans and making the best use of aircraft time.